The Atlantis We Are Looking For

The Atlantis We Are Looking For
When one mentions the lost continent of Atlantis, one thinks of Plato's "Dialogues".
However, Plato's work was not the only one to point to a 'lost continent'. There are legends of other old civilizations that mention lost worlds which disappeared into the waters, as a result of volcanic eruptions, floods, and earthquakes. Today people fight over the existence of Atlantis continent, but they all take into account one story, that is Plato's. While we do expose the theories and the ongoing research on this sunk land, we try to bind together everything we have to create The Atlantis, the base for "Dialogues", the base for Kircher's and Piri Reis's map, the course of the ancient legends. The result might not be called "Atlantis", but a variation of it. There are so many researchers that claim to have discovered "the lost continent", that any new found land can be a possible Atlantis. Some even claim that Atlantis has already been found in the Aegean Sea, on the Island of Santorini. Maybe Atlantis is some kind of faerie tale, but there must be something lost out there, even if its name is not Atlantis, even if it is not in the Atlantic Ocean.
What is Atlantis after all?
The old Greek scholars cast a completely different light on the story. After years and years of believing just because funny evidence claims the existence of Plato's Atlantis, I reached a point where I ask myself: But did it really exist, as Plato said?
I pointed my finger to the Azores, I pointed it to Santorini, and now I am pointing to nothing, because I don't know what to say. I might as well reach the conclusion that Atlantis continent is, after all, Plato's story, based on some real events, but adapted.